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Overcome Challenges & Seize Opportunities

"Niofar" in Wolof, one of the local languages in Senegal and Mauritania, means we're together - and truly embodies our philosophy of our relationships with our clients.

Since 2018, Niofar listens to your goals and offers solutions that address a wide range of operational, cultural, and adaption challenges international companies and their employees face in the frontier markets of Mauritania and SenegalWith our local expertise and international credentials, we help our clients reconcile their expectations and objectives with local realities. Our tailored approach ensures that every aspect is accounted for and explored to avoid risk; providing the highest level of service and peace of mind.

Niofar is the only relocation company in Mauritania and Senegal that is a member of the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), with international accreditation by the European Relocation Association (EuRA), and is also a member of the Partners Immigration Network - and we demonstrate these global standards to the way we work.

We are also registered suppliers for MODEC, BP, Schlumberger, and are third tier service providers for GTA Project contractors.

Niofar Executive Relocation is 100% local content, providing opportunity, capacity building, training, and employment for Senegalese and Mauritanians.

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Project Managment
For Local Expertise

Our Clients & Partners

Empowering Local Content

Niofar Helps Local Companies

Access International Opportunity

Being a local company ourselves, Niofar knows what unique challenges and barriers local content faces in trying to respond to tenders, expectations, and requirements.


Often English is not their first nor second language, and experience working with international clients is minimal. Knowing and anticipating expectations is often difficult, and requirements remain often inaccessible. We partner with local companies tin order to strengthen their bid and help upsell their services; by  bringing a high level of business English and accumen, as well as by responding to RFQs completely, accurately. We often by bringing mutliple partners together to build a unique solution to our partners.

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