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Starting a Company in Senegal

General Process for Compliance

  1. Creating a New Company

    1. Meet with a trusted Notary to choose the best type of company according to your activities, by comparing the different advantages and disadvantages (SA, SARL/SUARL, GIE, NGO, EI, etc.).

    2. The Notary will then draw up the documents; including the Articles of Association (with appointment of the Manager), Declaration of Establishment, etc., and file for RCCN and NINEA, with APIX and various other government departments. 

      • Please note: They will NOT notify the Tax Department, Retirement Fund, or Social Security.

    3. Find an office and sign a Business Use Lease in the name of the company.

    4. Open a local bank account in the name of the company.

  2. Next Steps for Fiscal Compliance

    1. Start-up Tax Obligations - Impôts & Domaines

      • Register the new lease agreement

    2. If you plan to do business right away, you’ll need to submit the following letters - if not, you can submit a letter to say you have not yet begun doing business.

      • Submit an Active Business Declaration letter

      • Submit a Tax Code Change letter

    3. For the letters, you must attach the following:

      1. Copy of registered lease agreement, copy of NINEA, copy of Trade Register (RCCM), copy of Articles of Association, Declaration of Establishment

    4. VAT Exemption: If you believe your company is eligible for tax exemption, you’ll need to apply for a Letter of Exemption in your company’s name from the Senegalese government, or from the Contractor/Donor with whom your company has a valid contract.

  3. Next Steps for Social Compliance

    1. Social Institutions (IPRES, Social Security Fund, Insurance)

      • (HR) Make and sign employment contracts according to local requirements (Niofar will supply you with valid templates, and work with you to complete it).

      • Fill in and submit the DMT form(s) to declare new worker activity (necessary for hiring, change of status, departure, etc.)

      • Certify the contracts and the DMTs at the Inspection de Travail

      • Prepare and file the IPRES Membership

      • Prepare and file the Affiliation to the Social Security Fund

      • Find a local insurance company, prepare the file and submit for worker’s compensation

  4. Regular Declarations, Going Forward

    1. Monthly:

  • VAT declaration (18% OR "Néant" on invoices/receipts of payments, accompanied by exemption documentation)

  • VRS declaration, for employees (payroll tax)

  • BRS declaration, if there are consultants or short-term service providers (5% deductions)

2. Trimester (3 months):

  • IPRES declaration for employees

  • Social Security Fund Declaration for employees

3. Annual:

  • CEL Declaration on Rental Values

  • CEL “Value Added” Declaration

  • State Declaration for Company Turnover (IS, Financial Report, Audit, etc.)

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