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An American for Africa

Danielle Ciribassi-Seck hails from a family of small business owners outside of Chicago, and has built her life for the past 15 years in Senegal, West Africa.


Hard work and tradition was a strong part of her upbringing and education, as well as obtaining a Bachelor's degree in International Relations and Economic Development in Africa from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. After working as a microfinance intern in Senegal in 2009, these experiences combined to form a passionate advocate for facilitating business opportunity in West Africa. She was the Founder & President of the US-Africa Chamber of Commerce, based in Washington, DC from 2012-2017.

As a fluent French and Wolof speaker with decades living in the region behind her, she has become a cultural bridge between her neighbors and foreigners looking to enter and succeed in the local markets. She is a reliable, efficient, and valuable strategic expert for any company looking for a trustworthy partner in the region.

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15+ Years Advocating
for Business Opportunity in Africa


Microfinance Intern
Dakar & Fatick, Senegal

2006 - 2011:
African Immigrant Support

Chicago, Illinois (USA)

2012 - 2017:
US-Africa Chamber of Commerce

Washington, DC (USA)

As a student in International Relations with a focus on Economic Development in Africa, Danielle spent her Senior year in Dakar and Fatick, Senegal, staying with host families while she studied Senegalese socio-econolic realities, its history, as well as working as an intern in a microfinance institution in the rural area of Sine-Saloum.

While still during her Undergraduate Studies at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, Danielle led a group of Francophone students in helping refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo integrate into life in the United States. She went on to continue this work in Chicago, helping French-speaking African immigrants from Cote d'Ivoire, Senegal, Togo, Benin, Mali, and more to learn English, find jobs, and to understand US culture.

As the Founder & President of the US-Africa Chamber of Commerce, Danielle facilitated the creation of a platform for partnership, learning, and exchange for small and medium-sized businesses in the US and Africa in order to facilitate cross-continental opportunity and understanding.

2017 - Present : 
Niofar Executive Relocation
Dakar, Senegal & 
Nouakchott, Mauritania

Upon moving back permanately to Senegal, Danielle started the first Destination Service Provider (DSP) in West Africa, Niofar Executive Relocation, oriented toward businesses and their employees needing professional and comprehensive support getting set up, operating, and living in West Africa. The company expanded its operations to Nouakchott, Mauritania in 2020.

Advocating for Market-Led Growth

Washington, DC (USA)


US-Africa Chamber of Commerce

Danielle has witnessed the direct impact and long-term growth that results when people are given opportunity. Whether it's through training, access, partnership building, or financial support, people across the world have what it takes to change their own circumstance.

She is passionate about empowering others through building communities of small business, facilitating partnerships, and knowledge transfer through cultural and business training.

Personal Life

It's important to Danielle that her stakeholders, partners, and clients know all sides of who she is to better understand what motivates her in this work. After nearly 8 years of going back and forth between the US and Senegal, Danielle decided to move back permanately - as an immigrant - to Senegal in 2017. She now has her family in Dakar; she and her husband Ameth Seck have three small boys - Moussa, and twins Isaac and Soly. She is proud to live full time in West Africa, and personally experiencing life in-country allows her to better serve her international clients.

Niofar Executive Relocation

A Journey Into the Future of
Opportunity in Africa

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