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We are Together.

Solving Market Challenges

Doing business in our part of the world isn't easy - knowing what you have to do, who to trust, and how much things cost is never transparent. Big names you recognised are not necessarily operated the same way, and local government agencies are disjointed and don't communicate. Niofar is the one centralised point for staying informed and managing all obligations, risks, and challenges.

We know what your expectations are and we can help you find it - or something pretty close - according to local market realities.

Through our local teams of internationally-minded experts, we provide clear, customised, and efficient solutions that help our clients navigate local challenges.

A Pioneer in the Region

Destination Services - A New Concept


Moving to another country is always challenging. Moving to West Africa has its own set of challenges, and each country is unique. Before Niofar's inception in 2018, there were no other Destination Service Providers in the region - and the idea of Relocation Support for companies and their employees is a new one. We are still the only EuRA members in Senegal and Mauritania with an eye on quality and meeting international standards in a local context.

Our Journey

March 2018: Company Creation Dakar, Senegal

New Beginnings

2020 : COVID & New Office Nouakchott, Mauritania

Big Changes

2021 - Present : 

Continued Growth

Niofar Executive Relocation was first known as Expat Africa 360. We like the new name - wouldn't you agree? Niofar speaks to our customer service philosophy - We are Together - every step of the way. We started out providing Home Search services, translation, and City Tour services for Embassies, UN Diplomates, and more.

COVID-19 caught the world by surprise. Niofar was in the midst of providing much-needed support for Oil & Gas companies and their tier contractors when the pandemic started, which halted most operations and employees were re-assigned outside of Senegal. However, activities recommenced at the end of 2020, and we set up a new office for Niofar and for a client in Nouakchott, Mauritania, where the oil and gas project was expected to begin.

Over the years, we have grown steadily, and have had more than 60 clients to date. We work in a variety of service areas, and our experience speaks for itself. The local realities here in Senegal have pushed us to provide support in a wide variety of areas - truly becoming a "one-stop-shop" of destination service support.

Local Company with International References

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