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Moving In

Housing & Settling-In

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Pre-Selected Homes

Based on your needs and budget, we propose housing options from our database of pre-selected homes that are currently on the market.

Niofar's Housing Team is constantly conducting pre-visits for potential clients across the city. We make sure we are always aware of new constructions, new availabilities, and the best options out there based on international expectations.


The first step is to understand your needs, by conducting a thorough needs assessment. After providing an overview of the city, various neighborhood personalities and standard of living, as well as proximities to pharmacies and supermarkets, we discuss your needs, preferences, and budget. Based on these criteria, we will begin our search in our database, confirm availability, follow-up with our partners, and select the best options that correspond as much as possible to your expectations.

We present you with photos, virtual visit videos, and all the specifications available for you when you give us a request - saving you time and headache in searching for a home.

We offer the following types of homes:

  • Furnished and unfurnished;

  • Apartments and villas;

  • Studios, 1-4 bedrooms;

  • Variety of amenities;

  • Semi or fully-equipped;

  • Modern equipment;

  • Balconies and gardens available

We then take you in our climate-controled vehicle to visit your top choices over 1-2 days, to see the options in person.

*Please note, this service provides a maximum of 5 options, which correspond as much as possible to your identified criteria. Additional options are considered a supplemental add-on service.

Move-In Formalities


Your Housing Service Contract will be signed through Niofar, and we will manage your lease on your behalf. We make sure you understand all terms and clauses of the lease to which we will be committing, including in case you have to end your lease early (typically 2-months' notice), responsibility clauses in the case of repairs, etc. We make sure all your questions are answered before committing.

*Please note that signing a lease in Senegal requires a down payment of up to 4-months' rent (1st month's rent, 2 months' deposit (refundable), and 1 month's broker fee. (This does not apply for month-to-month rentals.) The lease duration is typically a minimum of 12-months.


Your Niofar Representative will make sure you carefully navigate the steps in taking on a new rental obligation - starting with the Move-In Inspection.

This requires a walkthrough of your new home, and a legal checklist of all items to note; cracked paint, lamps that don't work, leaking faucets, missing window screens, etc. We make sure our Technical Agent accompanies you, as he will know what to look for. 

Once this checklist is signed by you and the landlord, we are then responsible for all repairs - whether it be out of pocket, or covered by rental insurance. Sometimes, we are able to negotiate with the landlord that repair payment will be taken on by them, if the repair amount is higher than a certain threshold, as mentioned in the lease.


We include renter's insurance on an annual basis, based on your risk preference. We walk you through the policy and make sure you understand the terms and coverage. In the case of flood, fire, theft, or more, your Niofar team will handle any claims and reimbursements in the case of incident.


Saving you significant stress and headache, we go on your behalf to fill out the necessary paperwork with the public utilities companies -- for your water, WiFi, television, electricity, and gas tanks to be set up in a timely manner. Without our intervention, this could save you weeks of back and forth, and difficulty.

Signing Contract
Keys To The New Place
Moving In
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Ongoing Rental Management


Utilities bills in Senegal are not always delivered to your residence in a timely manner. Waiting for late bills can lead to service slows, or even cuts, without warning; taking days or weeks to re-start.

  • Niofar coordinates with our representatives with the various utilities companies, to ensure that we are always aware of what your invoice amount is ;

  • We will advance payment for you, so you never risk any interruptions in service due to back-payment ;

  • We make sure service interruptions is dealt with and fixed swiftly, communicating on your behalf with technicians ;

  • We also help prepare you and your family for the inevitable water cut that happens several times per year, throughout the city.


Thanks to your Niofar Team, getting problems fixed is just a phone call away M-F, 24/7. Labor, time, and transportation is included; the cost of materials will be sent for your approval.


Unlike the majority of renters  in Dakar, you do not have to waste time and money finding your own -

  • Movers

  • Painters

  • Plumbers

  • Electricians

  • Carpenters

  • Generator Technicians

  • General Handyman

  • Furniture Makers


Dakar housing almost universally offers housing which requires refilling

propane gas tanks for cooking - even ultra-modern housing. As this is not something many of our clients are used to doing in their home countries, this is included in our monthly management service.

  • Niofar replaces empty gas tanks;

  • Niofar makes sure you always have an emergency gas tank on reserve, just in case of city shortages.

Drinking water is also an important consideration in Dakar, as we do not recommend drinking water straight from the faucet (although it typically is alright once used to cook with).

  • Niofar includes a 20-litre water fountain refill delivery service. After purchasing the fountain, which offers cold, water, and lukewarm water, refills come on a bi-weekly basis straight to your home.


  • From 24/7 guardians, barbed wire and window security, cameras, and burglary alarms, we can offer you everything you need to make sure you feel safe in your new home.

  • Most homes in Senegal do not have fire alarms, gas detectors, or fire extinguishers already installed. We will make sure we fill the missing gaps for fire safety. 

  • Niofar acts as a staffing agency, placing maids, gardeners, nannies, and other household staff while maintaining their contract, taxes, and legal obligations.


You then receive one invoice from Niofar Executive Relocation, either monthly or quarterly, which includes all services and payments in one convenient payment. This makes your personal finances predictable, or your company accounting more streamlined.

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