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Business Solutions

Don't let a lack of information transparency result in time and resources wasted. Let Niofar help you reach your goals quickly and efficiently, by structuring comprehensive solutions to help you manage taxes, correctly set up your business, find suitable office space, manage recruitment and HR, and make managing your local expenses eaiser.

Business Trip Support
Market Entry
Office Domiciliation
Company Set-up
Bank Account

Business Trip Support

Our comprehensive business trip support service ensures that your team travels seamlessly, handling all arrangements from hotel bookings and itinerary planning, to on-ground assistance, allowing you to focus on your business objectives without any logistical worries.

Market Entry

Navigating markets in Africa can be challenging but our expert market entry solutions provide in-depth market research and tailored entry strategies to help your business successfully establish a strong presence and gain a competitive edge.

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Office Domiciliation & Local Representation
Setting up a local office can be expensive. Paying for an office, furniture, and staff; not to mention local taxes is costly and complicated - with Niofar, this won't be necessary. You can use Niofar as your Local Office; where we dedicate a staff member to your account, implement your activities, and provide a Plug-and-Play, ready to use office space for your time in-country. Many clients use us at the beginning of their set-up process, and then transition to their own office presence once they have their feet on the ground.


  • Provision of a registered address for legal domiciliation of the company and to receive courier addressed to the business;

  • Provision of a virtual office service for the mail, and phone call forward;

  • 9-5 Access to private office, meeting room, and fully stocked break room

  • High-speed WiFi

  • Local landline

  • Utilities included Coffee, Tea, etc.

  • Printer and scanner

A-Z Company Set-Up

Our A-Z company set-up services guide you through every step, making sure your business is up and running efficiently.

We include advising on the different company types available; the tax implications of each; overview of the country's labor laws and obligations; mediating interactions with notaries, corporate lawyers, fiscalists, and more, so as to provide a complete and comprehensive picture about what is involved with getting their company created.


  • Checking of company’s name availability with the Country Registrar (up to 5 name checks per Client);

  • Collecting documentation, information and relevant signatures from final client

  • Drafting, notarizing and filing the company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association;

  • Drafting, notarizing and filing the Incorporation deed;

  • Drafting, notarizing and filing proxies and requested declarations;

  • Publication of the company’s incorporation and its bylaws, memorandum and articles of association in the official bulletin of legal announcements

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Bank Account & Financial Advising
Not all local banks are the same, and you and your employees will need access to an account while in country for their day-to-day expenses. Allow Niofar to recommend banks, inform you of various bank fees, explain international finance regulations for payments in and out of country, and help you get your company and individual accounts set up painlessly.

HR & Tax Solutions
In partnership with our qualified local partners, we provide:

  • EOR  (Employer of Record)

  • Payroll Management

  • Recruiting Support for Local & International Profiles

  • HR and Tax Advising

  • Fiscal Declarations

  • Work Permits

  • Advanced Payments to avoid late penalties

  • Pay Simulations to calculate gross pay for employers

  • Niofar as a Staffing Agency; indirect contracting

  • Direct Hire Support

  • Local Contract Creation & Renewal

Construction Workers

Local Healthcare / Supplemental Insurance
Many international employees are unaware that even with partnered service providers and clinics, they almost all require payment in local currency up front - and the employee needs to manage their own reimbursement later. This can be confusing, complicated, and especially means that emergency situations can pose a problem if the person does not happen to have enough cash on them to pay for the deposit (can be up to $2,000 USD). 

We prioritize the well-being of your employees with our local healthcare and supplemental insurance packages, providing access to quality healthcare services and additional coverage for added peace of mind.

Niofar provides:

  • Supplemental Local Healthcare through our group

  • Advance Payments for urgent Medical Purchases

  • Coordination with Local Clinics and International Insurance Providers

Expense Management
Managing currency in MRU and CFA can mean lots of international fees, multiple payments to several different local companies  - most of whom are not established companies, do not pay taxes, and do not issue receipts - and lots of headache for your Accounting and Finance Department.

Niofar offers:

  • Advanced Payments

  • Expense Management for Local Purchases

  • One Consolidated Monthly Invoice

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Facilities Management
Cleaning, laundry, waste disposal, gardening, repairs, and other aspects of maintaining a grounds and facility is a new industry in Mauritania and Senegal. A common problem among our clients is after they have gotten established with their own office, it is a challenge to keep things clean and orderly. Together with our experienced local partners, we provide a planning and oversight piece that keeps things moving efficiently and according to expectations.

Proposal Support for Tenders
We are passionate about local capacity building and help local companies with the support their need to submit a response to an RFP.  We provide valuable assistance and guidance to businesses seeking to access international tenders. Our service helps clients identify relevant opportunities, navigate the bidding process, and craft compelling proposals to increase their chances of winning international contracts and expanding their global reach.

HR and Tax
Health Insurance
Expense Management
Facilities Management
Proposal Support
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