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Overcome Market Challenges with Niofar's Guidance

We are at the crossroads of new multinational industries in West Africa, such as mining and energy, their sub-contractors and interdependent sectors; and the challenges they face entering a nearly unknown market just emerging on the global stage. 

Niofar Executive Relocation is there to help you anticipate and mitigate all these factors at play, so you can get set up and operational as quickly and smoothly as possible. We keep you informed of the challenges - and the solutions.

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Mitigate the Local Realities - 

Don't Be Surprised By What You Don't Know

We are at the crossroads of an old-world colliding with a new one, full of hope and possibility. Big-dollar multinational industries, their sub-contractors and sub-sectors are moving into West Africa at an unprecedented rate. However, in these little-known and misunderstood regions of the world, newcomers often underestimate local challenges (i.e., infrastructure, cultural communication, and business tendencies) which often present new and serious challenges.


Senegal and Mauritania are just beginning to emerge on the global stage. Global standards and expectations in all areas of work and life are colliding as each country tries to reconcile local realities and limitations with what international clients and partners require. Markets are playing catch up, as locals are discovering what other countries consider "normal" "comfortable" and "safe" in the rest of the world, and doing their best to accommodate. Culture also plays a cross-sectoral role in bringing its own set of challenges, with communication and behavior often mismatched and misinterpreted. International companies cannot compromise on things like safety and project management, and they are often met with unexpected difficulties in these areas due to differing expectations.

Niofar Executive Relocation is a management and consultancy agency run by local staff and founded by an American with 15 years in the region, in order to help our clients anticipate and mitigate all these factors at play, so they can get set up and operational as quickly and smoothly as possible. We keep you informed of the challenges - and the solutions.

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How Does Our Service Work?


Our services fall into several main categories, with of course many sub-categories of possible support in each. For all services offered, we have performed them for previous clients and can provide references.

Every client is different, with its own set of unique objectives and challenges and we design customized, comprehensive packages for each. From developing Market Entry studies for foreign companies, to helping companies recruit and manage their employees locally, Niofar adapts our approach to every client.

The services we offer often are designed and implemented internally - but in order to offer further support, we also work with fully vetted, quality local partners. We manage expectations, providing capacity building and support, in order to be a bridge between our partners and local opportunity.

One Point of Contact, One Invoice

Whether for sourcing and procurement, employee payroll, taxes, expense management, or accommodations, all your local services can be provided on one, monthly invoice from Niofar. No hassle dealing with local suppliers, sellers, or service providers, no translators needed, no issue with your accounting.

We are here to make your life easier.

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