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Anticipating challenges before they become emergencies is what Niofar is there for. We advise companies and their employees where the difficulties may lie - for example a gap in coverage for international insurance, requiring local payments for care - and offer unique solutions to provide alternatives.

Stay Healthy.

Health Insurance Challenges

Pharmacies, clinics, laboratories and other health care providers do not recognise most international insurance, and do not have the administrative capacity to seek reimbursement abroad. They almost all require payment in advance in local currency, in full, and then provide you with the necessary documentation to allow you to seek your reimbursements on your own, post-care. This is signifiacant, because you will then need to make sure you keep enough local cash on-hand at any moment in case you need to seek healthcare locally.

Niofar offers local health insurance in-country for your employees, to overcome the coverage gaps with some international insurance. - so you don't have to pay out of pocket.


MSS CLINIC (Nouakchott) has an expertise in providing remote area medical services to multinational companies and public sector entities. We operate in Mauritania, Guinea and Burkina Faso, serving clients in sectors ranging from the oil and gas extraction industries and infrastructure conglomerates to insurance firms, governmental health services and international NGOs.


Clinique de la Madeleine (Dakar) has been the premier clinic of quality healthcare in Dakar since 1994, and offers all areas of medical intervention except cancerology. They have an on-site laboratory, and a state of the art emergency ward. They work with Niofar to anticipate and provide solutions for all billing, insurance, and administrative issues.


Centre de Diagnostic et d'Imagerie Médicale (Dakar) has only been open for two years and is already the premier, state-of-the art facility on the cutting edge of imaging and diagnotistic technology according to worldwide standards. Niofar has a direct relationship with the founding and principle doctor for any special cases related to our clients.

REMED 24.png

Remed 24 (Dakar) allows you to call for a consultation 24/7 from the comfort of your home or hotel. Is your child more comfortable in their own home? Would you like to avoid the traffic and lines of going out to the clinic? Unable to leave home due to your condition? Doctors are trained medical professionals in all fields, and offer a complete diagnostic overview and can write perscriptions and recommendations to specialists - often who can also come to your home as well.

SOS Medecin Dakar.jpg

SOS Médecin (Dakar) is the premier supplier of medical vehicles and trained medical support staff. They provide customised, quality assistance to many international companies and organisations, as well as for emergencies around town. They have an agreement with most medical clinics, and Niofar will set up an administrative relationship with them each time we have a new client in country so there are no surprises or lags in care.

Local Clinics in Nouakchott (Medipole, Ibn Sina, Chiva, and Kissi) Niofar also has relationships with other local clinics, where basic medical situations can be attended to. We provide a buffer in communication and administration, to ensure reimbursement claims are processed efficiently, payments in local currency are available on the spot in emergency situations, and for medical interpreting so all communication is clear.

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