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Immigration &
Work Visas

Make sure you know the rules and regulations before you embark on a new mission and know the timelines and expectations before mobilizing new international staff to Mauritania and Senegal - staying compliant is just as easy as getting trustworthy guidance.

Residency Mauritania
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Residency (Carte de Residence)
In both Mauritania and Senegal, Residency is possible for business owners (possible for anyone with their passport), and for long-term workers with a local work contract. We can help make this process simple and quick, so you can come in and out of the country with ease and avoid the 60€ visa at entry each time in Mauritania.

Work Visa (Permis de Travail)
Whether it's for yourself or for your employees, we know the local regulations inside and out - and we can accelerate the process to fit your timeline. From getting a Temporary Work Permit for 30 days in Nouakchott, to the long-term Work Visa; to getting your local work contract approved and registered at the Inspection de Travail  à Dakar, we can guide you through the most complicated of processes as quickly as possible. 

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Work Visa

Multiple-Entry Visa

For those on rotation in country, needing to come in and out every 4-6 weeks, paying the entrance Visa can get expensive and slow you down at the airport in Nouakchott. While not necessary for Senegal, having a Multiple-Entry visa is convenient for short-term workers in Mauritania who want to avoid paying for a 30-day VOA (Visa on Arrival) each time they enter and leave the country.

Multiple Entry Visa
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