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Intercultural Training

Relocating to a new country is about
more than moving boxes.

Understand Senegalese Culture

Senegal has a unique and complex background, that affects all social interactions. In a country where tradition and religion interplay with socioeconomic history and modern influence, there is a wealth of knowledge available to you and your company to better grasp local context.

Participants will benefit from exploring a litany of in-depth topics; including religious, historical, cultural inter-plays that affect everyday interactions.

The workshop lasts 3-hours, and full training course lasts over three days. Of course the program can be adapted to your needs and schedule. We can come to your office to facilitate the training, or we can arrange for an equipped local, for your convenience. It is highly interactive and hands-on, with resources for participants to take home as reference; the best way to retain information.



  • Communicate confidently with Senegalese partners, clients, and employees

  • Deepen your cultural fluency and increase your Intercultural Sensitivity Inventory (ISI)

  • Navigate professional and personal interactions with ease

  • Achieve better team collaboration & productivity

  • Negotiate effectively in both your personal and professional interactions

Communicate with Confidence

Intercultural Training Niofar Executive
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