An American expat living in Senegal with 12+ years of experience in relocation services, international business in Africa, and communication. She speaks French, Wolof, and English. Ms. Ciribassi has always been motivated to facilitate cultural exchange and opportunity in Africa.

  • Danielle Ciribassi
Danielle Ciribassi
Founder & CEO

As an American expat living in Senegal, Founder & CEO Danielle Ciribassi (Seck) can relate on a personal level to the struggles faced by others coming here for the first time - because she navigated them herself.

After working in Senegal in microfinance in 2009, our American Founder & President became an advocate for facilitating business opportunity in Africa. In Washington DC, she was the Founder of the US Africa Chamber of Commerce, and an Integration Coach for Francophone African immigrants in Chicago, Illinois. 


Danielle had also been a Relocation Coach for a talent mobility company in St Louis, Missouri, for Fortune 500 companies moving their employees around the world with their families - so she is familiar with the international industry standards, normes, and expectations in the Global Relocation or Talent Mobility industry.

When Danielle relocated back to Senegal in 2017 - with no relocation industry to help - she experienced the difficulties in settling-in here first-hand. As as a Business Consultant for foreign businesses, she also witnessed the struggles companies and their employees face coming here to do business. 

Danielle founded Niofar Executive Relocation in 2018, one of the first official DSPs (Destination Service Providers) in West Africa, in 2018. Now as a fluent French and Wolof speaker, living with her Senegalese husband and son in Dakar, she is well-integrated and uniquely-positioned to offer professional relocation support to Niofar's clients.

Danielle brings a level of professionalism and global vision and conformity to a difficult and complex local market. But she doesn't carry Niofar alone - far from it - she provides the vision and leadership, but cedes the credit to her incredible team of local staff who are responsible for the excellence and dedicated service that Niofar is known for.

Meet The Dakar Team

The engine of the Niofar vehicle is powered by our dynamic, internationally-minded, multilingual Senegalese staff.


 Each client has one point of contact, a Relocation Coach, available 24/7 and is reactive and efficient in responding to any issue or emergency that may come up. Our Housing team is ready to find suitable, modern, and fully-functional homes for our assignee's, either short or long-term; according to budget, proximity to school and work, and aesthetics. Our Operations team advises our clients to ensure HR, fiscal, and administrative compliance at all times, anticipating obligations before they become fines and late fees. Our Maintenance team is available days, nights, and weekends to come at a moment's notice with reliable plumbers, electricians, metal workers, carpenters, and more, throughout our client's stay.

Niofar is also proud to invest regularly in employee development programs, local professional certifications, and cultural trainings, to always ensure we are improving our cross-cultural communication and understanding with our international clients.

Moussa Dieng

  • Moussa Dieng, Housing Specialist



French, Wolof

Ameth Seck

  • Solutions Immo Dakar

Rental Management partner

French, Wolof

Virginia Lima Sambe

  • Virginia Lima Samb, Relocation Coach

Head Relocation Coach

English, French, Wolof, Portuguese

Mame Anta Seck, Niofar Operations Manager

Mame Anta Seck

  • Mame Anta Seck, Administrative Assistant

Finance Manager

English, French, Wolof


Aisha Mballo

  • Mame Anta Seck, Administrative Assistant

Operations Manager

English, French, Wolof

Country Representative


Born in Egypt while his father was the Mauritanian Ambassador there, Khaled has himself been an expat living far from home. He returned to his homeland, and has a professional background in finance, banking, and international relations. He speaks French, English, and Arabic.

Khaled Sidi Salem
Country Representative, Mauritania

As a Mauritanian born in Egypt while his father was serving as Ambassador, Khaled knows what it's like to be an expat in another country. He turned to his homeland after 25 years abroad, and experienced reverse culture shock re-adapting to life in Mauritania. 


After 20 years back home, Khaled now offers a rich professional career in international logistics, banking and finance, as well as welcoming international clients. He speaks Arabic, English, and French fluently, which makes him the perfect Niofar Country Representative. He is currently working to ensure the successful establishment of the first formal Relocation Company (DSP) in Mauritania, with Niofar. Khaled has already worked with agents contracted with BP and Orion Group, completed a cost of living surveys for Relocation Africa, and continues to set his sights high.

Khaled brings a level of professionalism and trustworthiness to one of the most challenging local markets in the world, as well as a local perspective through a network of vetted local partners. He is uniquely qualified to provide the solution your company calls for.

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