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Start up the Right way- and stay compliant

Clear Guidance Every Step of the Way

Your company or non-profit wants to get set-up in Senegal or Mauritania. Do you go with a large, international company - where you risk getting lost in the shuffle? Or do you try a modest-sized team, dedicated to making sure you get the attentive, clear, and timely support you need to stay compliant?

From the first meeting, your Relocation Coach will show you the difference. We show you the official road map of setting up your activities the RIGHT WAY from the get-go -- including company registration, fiscal declaration, HR inscription, securing a temporary office address, and more. Rarely do you get the full picture, anywhere else.

Call us today for a consultation. NIOFAR - we're together!

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Schedule a 30-minute call or in-person consultation with one of our Relocation Experts to receive:

  • professional advice about the company set-up process, steps, and necessary timelines;

  • a complete idea of requirements;

  • exploration of Niofar's support service to help you complete the process in less than 8 weeks.

Your consultation will be filled with insider tips to help you set you on the right track in setting up your business.

Consulting Session

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Signing Contract

Business Set-up

The first step in getting set-up locally is to create your company. Your Relocation Coach will walk you through the steps, keeping you informed and aware along the way, so you can make the best decisions from the beginning. Compliance is one of our biggest concerns for our clients, so you can rest assured that the information and recommendations you are getting from Niofar are the most prudent, lawful, and carefully-considered options available in the local context.

We provide the following specific services, and more;

  • Advising on the appropriate company type (SARL, SA, GIE, EI, etc.)

  • Coordination of relations with experts: lawyer, notary, accountant, etc.

  • Coordination with the Notary to create Articles of Association, drafting of Activities and

  • Management status, nominate the Manager, etc.

  • Coordination with all required government agencies to obtain NINEA and RCCM

  • Domiciliation and tax (CEL) for required office address

  • Changing of the Fiscal Code to Active Status

  • Declaring Commencement or Suspension of Activities

  • IPRES and Caisse Sociale registration

  • Assistance in opening a local bank account

  • For NGOs: Appropriate steps to ensure Tax Exemption Certificates is obtained

Office “Domiciliation” Service

Niofar offers our office space for your arrival and set-up in Dakar, during the time it takes you to get established and find a long-term option. Known as “Domiciliation”, using our address allows you to register your company and conduct business legally while just starting out.

The monthly fee includes the following services:

  • Accessible Location (Mermoz next to IAM)

  • Mail Reception, Landline Calls/Secretarial Services

  • Kitchen, Espresso Machine, Drinking Water Fountain, Coffee and Tea Available for free

  • Electricity, Water, Daily Cleaning, and High Speed Wi-Fi (Two Networks) included

  • Printing Available

  • Fire and gas detectors/alarms, Anti-theft barriers on windows

  • Private Office and Conference Room Available for Use Anytime

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HR Support: Payrolling & Management of Outsourced Personnel

Niofar takes away the headache of managing employees, by taking care of all taxes, contracting, sick leave, and local requirements so you don’t have to.

We can do direct hire, or your company can be simply invoiced for your employees’ salaries by Niofar each month.

  • Individuals provided to clients based on needs, contracted with Niofar

  • Issue and provide compliant contract as per legislation

  • Calculation of wages

  • Payroll nationally and internationally

  • Administrative management of personnel

  • Management and drafting of contracts and amendments to employment contracts (CDI, CDD, Paid Internships)

  • Approval of contracts at the Inspection de Travail

  • Leave management (paid leave, illnesses, etc.)

  • Management of social & fiscal declarations (IPRES, CSS, VRS, BRS, etc.)

Fiscal & Accounting Support

Monthly upkeep of your local finances and compliance obligations is critical in maintaining a good standing in Senegal. Niofar works with a top accounting and fiscal advising firm, to provide you with the most reactive, accurate, and informed professionals at your disposal. Rest assured that all steps that we take will be with your informed consent, guiding you along the way with timeliness and transparency.

Your team will provide you with the following services:

  • Monthly accounting support

  • Monthly bank account statement review

  • Calculations based on client invoices, expenses, and net revenue

  • Monthly and trimestriel tax returns

  • Monthly and end-of-the-year tax declarations (not including the cost of an audit)

  • Intermediation with local experts to obtain local legal information for special/non-standard cases

  • General advising

  • Documentation, reports, etc. upon request

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