Whether your company is recruiting nationally, or internationally -- or both -- we are here to support and guide you in everything HR. We have partnerships with several internationally-renowned, high-quality head hunters and staffing agencies; as well as local recruiters -- and we also manage a database of hundreds of pre-selected candidates in a variety of areas. Our specialties are in the following:

  • Oil & Gas, Mining

  • Large Machine Operators

  • Mechanical, Electrical Engineers

  • Logistics & Port Management

  • Factory and Warehouse Staff

  • Country Representatives for Oil & Gas

  • Administration & Finance

  • Marketing & Public Relations

Employee Management

Wouldn't it be nice to not have to struggle with local tax and legal requirements for your staff? 

After they meet your criteria and succeed in the interview process, Niofar makes sure your employees are ready to come straight to work and do their job. We take care of the contracting, the HR management (vacation, sick leave, etc.), monthly tax declarations, and social contributions. 

We even replace candidates if they aren't working out. We can manage the employees to whatever degree you feel comfortable.


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