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Relocation Services

With a Dedicated Relocation Team

You need to move to Senegal or Mauritania. Our team of relocation experts will get you here.

From international shipping, getting your company set up, to finding your new home, we will guide you through your relocation process every step of the way. We offer the practical services that expats need; including residency and work visas, getting you familiar with your new environment, and safe local transportation. NIOFAR - we're together!

How it works

1. Initial Consultancy Call

2. Relocation Solution Proposed

3. Services Begin

We'll go over your unique relocation needs; either for your company, you, or you and your family. Goals, budget, and other expectations will be taken into account.

We will then take our time to combine your needs and expectations with local realities; anticipating potential challenges, and offering a comprehensive package that works for you - with the right amount of choice and guidance.

Once you've given us the green light, you will be assigned a dedicated Relocation Team, that is available for you in real time. We'll get started right away managing your relocation, respecting deadlines, and making sure you don't skip a beat.

What can You expect from us?

Just like our name "Niofar" suggests - "we're together" in Wolof - our customer service philosophy is rooted in continuous support, anticipation, information, transparence, and reliability.

From our first conversation together, we do everything we can to understand your unique situation and goals - and then where the areas of difficulty might present themselves down the road. This helps us put together a personalized service solution package that is unique to you and your assignee's needs.

After we agree on our methodology, intervention areas, and service offerings, we provide your company with a designated Relocation Coach and support staff who are with you through every challenge during your time in West Africa.

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Your Relocation Plan

Relocation Process.png

Consulting Call

Schedule a 30-minute call with one of our Relocation Experts to receive:

  • professional advice about the relocation process, steps, and timelines;

  • an insightful introduction to your new life in Senegal or Mauritania;

  • essential destination information about finding housing, taxes, healthcare, schools, and local registrations;

Your call will be filled with insider tips to help you put your relocation plans in motion.

Phone Operator

Residency and Work Permits

Book a call of up to 1-hour to speak with our immigration professionals and learn:

  • how international immigration law applies to you, according to your situation and destination;

  • which are the best visa and work permit options for you;

  • the steps you will need to follow to apply for such documents, and tips to improve your chances to succeed with your application.

  • You will receive a Checklist.

  • Your Relocation Coach will oversee your application - processing time is <2 weeks.

Our information-rich session will give you the tools to move forward with confidence.

International Moving

Niofar can help your move go as smoothly as possible; coordinating both incoming moves from abroad, outgoing moves, as well as from one city to another inside Senegal.

  • Receive a free moving quote;

  • Tailored packing, shipping, storage, and delivery services that fit your needs;

  • Reception for shipment delivery;

  • Inventory verification, set-up and installation of furniture;

  • Insurance claim assistance for damaged shipments;

  • Pet Travel.

You can expect for your items to travel safely and be delivered on time to your destination.

A Crane Lifting a Container

Home & Office Search

After understanding your needs and budget, your Niofar Relocation Coach will begin a Pre-Selection process. We will then showcase the 5 best property options currently on the market, according to your criteria.

  • an essential overview of your new destination;

  • insider information about the local real estate market;

  • key insights about the neighborhoods that best suit your needs;

  • essential guidance on local rental processes and applications;

  • listings of 5< available properties that match your needs, including property descriptions,  photos, and virtual visits.

  • 1 to 2 days of accompanied visits.

We'll help you find the right home or office where you can kick start your new life abroad.

Settling-In &
Ongoing Rental Management

Once you're moved in, your Relocation Team will help you through the process of settling-in. 

  • Overview of the public healthcare system, private healthcare options, and steps to take to register with a local doctor;

  • Get your electricity, water, gas, phone, and internet services set up;

  • Introduction to the local tax and banking system, plus steps to take to open a bank account;

  • Tips about the local public transportation system.

Now that you're settled in, your Relocation Team provides ongoing Property Management and Maintenance support throughout the term of your lease. We provide:

  • Air conditioning maintenance;

  • Mosquito net installation and repair;

  • Bill and rent Payments;

  • Plumbers, Technicians, and other maintenance technicians as needed;

  • Painting and touch-ups

  • Lock changes

  • Security modifications (barbed wire, etc.)

  • Emergency hours available;

  • Pest control;

  • ... and more.


School Search Service

Kids in Preschool

Niofar helps you and your family find the best school for your children.

According to age, goals post-mission, language requirements, and budget, your Relocation Coach coordinates a focused search, a pre-selection process, and then accompanies you throughout your visits. We ensure you meet and speak to the right people to make an informed decision.

Once you've decided, your Coach helps you through the admissions process, represents you for any visits or informational sessions, until Day 1 of school!

Niofar also provides resources for your children on family-friendly activities, local children’s museums and events, so your family can feel at home here in Senegal.

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