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  • Download Dakar to your offline Google Maps, so you will never get lost. Most people here do not know street names and don't use addresses, so being able to describe your destination by landmarks is essential.

  • Keep a stock of 10-litre jugs of Kirene drinking water in the case of a water cut.

  • Keep a fully-charged power bank for your phone and computer in the case of a power outage.

  • Be discrete about your schedule, personal matters, and travel plans is best; even with those you are friendly with (i.e., drivers, guards, maids), to avoid house break-ins.

  • If you feel sick (diarrhea or vomiting) for longer than 3 days, see a doctor.

  • Please remember to keep enough cash on-hand at home, in case you have a medical emergency. This can avoid delays in care due to waiting for approval with your international insurance. For example, if Clinique de la Madeleine doesn't recognize your insurance, you will need to provide 1.000.000 CFA as a cash deposit ("caution") to be admitted in an emergency. SOS Medecin can also refuse care if you do not have the cash on the spot.

  • Best to drink Kirene or Casamancaise bottled water, and avoid tap;

  • Keep your day's worth of cash on you, and try to keep as much small change as possible;

  • Do not walk or run along the Corniche alone;

  • When in traffic, be aware of keeping your phone by an open window to avoid motorcycle thieves;

  • Be careful eating street food, especially seafood;

  • When hiring domestic help, always be sure to ask for a photocopy of their ID to keep on-hand, and ask them for a family member or neighbor as an emergency contact;

  • Consider installing cameras in your home, along with a supplemental recorder to record longer than 1 week;

  • Don't forget to install fire alarms and gas detectors in your home;

  • If you refill your own kitchen butane/propane tanks, do NOT hook them up until they have settled/sat still for longer than 15 minutes;

  • Keep your emergency/medical numbers saved on the desktop of your phone for easy access.

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