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Senegal and Mauritania are transforming, with supersonic speeds of growth; attracting more foreign investment and local business than ever before. It is Niofar's mission to ensure that local professionals are part of this monumental moment in West African history.


Niofar Executive Relocation provides excellent local talent for multinational companies, local projects, medium entreprises, and consultants in a variety of areas.

If you feel like you have what it takes to be part of Niofar's workforce, please submit your profile to us today. We would be happy to work with you to find your match. 

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HR Management & Training

Recruitment for Manpower

Based on the requested profiles you submit to us for local and international staff, Niofar does a thorough search - using cultural sensitivities, international expectations, relevant experience, and performing a pre-selection process that will ensure the candidates we propose to you will be the best fit available for your company.

Our international partners are renowned staffing agencies in the oil and gas, mining, and non-profit industries; and have more than 30 years of experience globally. Combined with our local partners, and internal database, Niofar pulls from the largest network possible to find the candidates that will help you get the job done and fulfill your local content requirements, as well as international expertise.

HR Management

Niofar takes away the headache of managing employees, by taking care of all taxes, contracting, sick leave, and local requirements so you don’t have to.

We can do direct hire, or your company can be simply invoiced for your employees’ salaries by Niofar each month.

● Individuals provided to clients based on needs, contracted with Niofar
● Issue and provide compliant contract as per legislation
● Calculation of wages
● Payroll nationally and internationally
● Administrative management of personnel
● Management and drafting of contracts and amendments to employment contracts
(CDI, CDD, Paid Internships)
● Approval of contracts at the Inspection de Travail
● Leave management (paid leave, illnesses, etc.)
● Management of social & fiscal declarations (IPRES, CSS, VRS, BRS, etc.)

cultural iceburg, cultural training

Staff Training

Niofar understands that Senegalese and Mauritanian local culture is sometimes very different from international expectations. We know your company has deadlines, partner expectations, and quality standards that can't be compromised - in terms of industry expertise, HSE, and liability. Cultural miscommunication can be frustrating, and can leave your company floundering, missing deadlines, and frustrated overall.

Niofar offers a corporate training module for local staff, to help them get up to speed with international expectations. Our two-day intensive training includes the following components:

  • Comparative Role Plays

  • Exploration of International Culture

  • Client and Employer Expectations

  • Having a "Dual Cultural Mind"

  • Communication Exercises

  • Group Collaboration

  • Presentations

  • ...and more.


Don't underestimate the importance of cultural training for your local staff, to give them the understanding they need to work with their international employers - so everyone can succeed together.

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