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Relocation Support for
Employees & Their Families

Destination Services:
Peace of Mind & Productivity

A Happy Family makes a Happy Employee. Deciding to take a job and moving the entire family to a developing country can be a stressful time for your employee, and offering a benefits package that takes their relocation management into the hands of a professional local partner can make a world of difference in employee happiness.

Niofar Executive Relocation is there to help you anticipate and mitigate all these factors at play, so your employees and their family can get settled as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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We Manage the

Integration Process

Living in a Developing Country - A Smooth Transition

Adapting to Life in West Africa

We are at the crossroads of an old-world colliding with a new one, full of hope and possibility. Big-dollar multinational industries, their sub-contractors and sub-sectors are moving into West Africa at an unprecedented rate. However, in these little-known and misunderstood regions of the world, newcomers often underestimate local challenges (i.e., infrastructure, cultural communication, and business tendencies) which often present new and serious challenges.


Niofar Executive Relocation is a management and consultancy agency run by local staff and founded by an American with 15 years in the region, in order to help our clients anticipate and mitigate all these factors at play, so they can get set up and operational as quickly and smoothly as possible. We keep you informed of the challenges - and the solutions.

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Happy Family

How Does Our Service Work?


We work with a variety of partners, intermediary companies, and RMCs to deliver high-quality destination services for their clients, employees (assignees) and their families.


We adapt to our client's expectations in terms of service scope, and we are flexible with our pricing so our clients can stay competitive.


We also work directly with our client's HR Department if it is a direct client, where we can work together with any budget to customize a package, and deliver great service for their employees coming to the region.


Our main services tend to be:

Every employee is different, with his or her own set of unique objectives and challenges. We design customized, comprehensive packages to make life easier for everyone.

One Point of Contact, One Invoice

Whether it's managing your local expenses in local currency, finding accommodations and schooling for children, or managing repairs and maintenance, all local services can be provided on one, monthly invoice from Niofar. No hassle dealing with local suppliers, sellers, or service providers, no translators needed, no issue with your accounting.

We are here to make life easier.

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