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Sourcing & Procurement

In a country where most businesses and service providers are not formal and are not found on the internet, let Niofar help you find what you need locally. It will surprise you what is available here in Mauritania and Senegal! International brands, standards and quality is all here - we can help you support local content, before importing globally (and paying international prices).

Quality Specialised Suppliers for O&G and Mining

All purchasing takes place through legitimate local Mauritanian and Senegalese companies

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International Products Available with
Local Procurement

Please ask for a list of Manufacturing location & OEM supplier networks

Niofar partners with the best internationally-connected Mauritanian and Senegalese materials suppliers, distributors of electrical and instrumental equipment, mining and oilfield safety and industrial products.


Listed below is a sample of the material and equipment our partners can supply:

Oilfield Products

  • Drill pipe

  • Drill collars and stabilizers

  • Drill lines and slings

  • Mud pump expendables and power-end parts

  • Thread compound

  • Handling tools and spares

  • Hex kelly

  • Reamers

  • Fishing tools

  • Wireline equipment

  • Crown blocks

  • Hooks

  • Swivels

  • Blocks

  • Rotary tables

  • Brake systems

  • Draw

  • Works

  • Mud pumps

  • Rotary, vibrator, BOP, and choke and kill hoses

  • Triplex mud pump modules

  • Clutches

  • Submersible pumps

  • Down hole cable

  • Injection skids and components

  • Artificial lift equipment, rods, sucker rods, rod guides and accessories

  • Pumps & pump parts

  • Station electrical and instrumentation materials

  • MRO products and consumables

Steel Products and Tubular Goods

  • 1/8 through 36 & 42 in seamless, continuous weld, ERW, and double submerged arc weld, in a range of wall thicknesses, and coated pipe to customer specifications.

  • Ranging from 2-3/8 tubing to 20 casing

  • Tubing and casing grades: J-55 to Q-125 threaded with API and Premium Connections

Electrical Bulk Materials

  • We source and offer all types of raceway systems, fittings, lighting, wire and cable, enclosures and structural products.

Cables & Wire

  • Cable glands

  • Cable terminators

  • Cables (all types)

  • Power Control Instrumentation

  • Armoured SWA

Cable Tray Systems

  • Metallic cable tray and ladder tray

  • Fiberglass cable tray and ladder tray

  • Ladder rack

  • Cable basket

Conduit & Fittings

  • Electrical metallic tubing (EMT)

  • Rigid steel conduit

Enclosures & Boxes

  • All NEMA configurations

  • All IP ratings

  • Terminal enclosures

  • Pull boxes

  • Instrument enclosures

  • Hazardous location

  • Explosion-proof


  • Flood lighting

  • Perimeter lighting

  • Hazardous area all types

  • UL and IEC rated

Structural products

  • Cable glands

  • Cable terminators

  • Cable terminators

  • Cables (all types)

  • PVC coated

Motor Controls

  • Motor starters

  • Pump and level control panels

  • Conveyor and auger controls

  • Terminal enclosures

  • Motor starters (CFVNR, CFVR, NCFVNR, NCFVR)

  • Lighting control panels

  • VFD and soft start panels

  • All types of custom control

  • Electrical distribution and control products to various commercial and industrial construction markets

Medium Voltage Switchgear

  • Indoor and outdoor non walk-in, walk-in and equipment canters

  • Arc resistant and arc proof

Hazardous Location Materials

  • All types of electrical equipment for hazardous and classified areas, as well as corrosive and other harsh environments, including coastal and offshore marine applications.

  • Electrical equipment certified to meet world standards for electrical protection in hazardous areas including UL NEC, CEC, IEC, CENELEC, ATEX directive, Baseefa and others.


  • Armoured

  • Continuously corrugated aluminum armour

  • Steel wire armour

Conduit & Conduit Fittings

  • Rigid steel conduit

  • Tubular products

  • Outlet boxes

Control Stations

  • Local control

  • Aluminum-Glass reinforced polyester

  • Stainless steel

  • Custom control

Distribution & Panel Boards

  • Panel boards

  • Switch racks


  • Terminal enclosures

  • Pull boxes

  • Aluminum-Stainless steel-Glass reinforced polyester

  • Plugs and adaptors

  • Drain and breathers


  • Fluorescent HID Incandescent Induction

Electrical Motors

  • Electric motors from fractional horsepower units to some of the largest AC and DC motors.

  • AC motors

  • Carbon brushes

  • DC motors

  • Drive controls

  • Gear boxes

  • Gear motors

  • Generators

  • Motor control

  • Polyphase motors

  • Pumps

  • Renewal parts

  • Single phase motors

  • Transformers

  • Variable speed drives

  • Wire & Cable

Armoured Cable (all types rated from 300 volts to 35kv)

  • Continuously corrugated armour Interlocked armour

  • SWA Tech Cable

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