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Training & Certifications

Niofar provides training developed both internally and provided by our partners, to help our clients find their footing when dealing with both local partners and clients, as well as international clients and partners. From safety, to language and culture, we cover all bases to make sure you have access to the knowledge you need to succeed.

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Intercultural Training

Intercultural Training

Our intercultural training program aims to equip individuals and organizations with the necessary skills to effectively navigate diverse cultural environments. Participants will gain self awareness as well as a deeper awareness of their colleague's cultures, enabling them to foster stronger relationships and work collaboratively in multicultural settings. Culture impacts every area of the way we work and live. Investing in a professional cultural training for your multi-cultural staff will mean a world of difference for everyday communication, as well as better productivity.

Niofar offers a wide variety of customised training modules, depending on your company size, objectives, and previous experience of your staff members. Training employees on cultural communication can save lots of headache down the road.

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Driver Training
Safety is paramount, especially for drivers who spend extended hours on the road. Our Defensive Driver and Anti-Fatigue training offer comprehensive instruction on defensive driving techniques to combat fatigue-related risks, ensuring drivers are well-prepared to maintain safety on the road. We also train drivers on First Response healthcare for long travel on the road, far from basic healthcare facilities.

We also provide Behavior training for professional drivers, on what is required and expected in terms of communication and attitude while handling international clients.

Driver Certifications

HSE & QC Certifications

In coordination with our qualified and experienced partners, we provide HSE and QC training, as well as many other requirements for new staff onboarding and yearly renewals.

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Language Training

In today's globalized business world, proficiency in Business English is crucial. Our Business English training program focuses on improving language skills for professional settings, including business writing, presentations, negotiations, and interpersonal communication, enabling participants to excel in international business environments.

We offer the following:

  • Business English for Local Staff

  • French Language for International Staff

  • Wolof Language

  • Hassaniya Language

Business English
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